I Am Bread Early Access 9.0

Journey through an action-adventure story as bread seeking to become toast

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    7.0 (408)
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    Role Playing

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    Early Access 9.0

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

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In "I Am Bread," players are tasked with turning bread into toast. It's a simple goal in real life, but this particular game changes everything. Players utilize a controller or a keyboard in order to control their slice of bread. Throughout each level, an individual must navigate the bread across a room covered in peril.

Intentionally difficult controls and mechanics make "I Am Bread" a real challenge. Players cannot touch the bare floor or other obstacles, including ant trails and water. If the bread becomes too dirty, the level is instantly failed. Getting across a given level requires flip-flopping along and even climbing household surfaces. The fact that grip is limited ensures that players can't casually waltz through each level.

Without a doubt, "I Am Bread" is a fun and challenging game. Later levels in the game require true skill and an understanding of the game's mechanics. Not everyone will understand the premise of the game or its entertainment value, though. Still, add-ons and modifications are available to increase the replay value and level of challenge. Other playable bread-based items and objectives are available through these add-ons.

"I Am Bread" provides fun and amusement for the right type of player. It's a game that starts out simple and grows in difficulty from there. Most players will pick the game up and play for a couple of bemused hours. Then again, not everyone will enjoy continuously turning bread into toast. As a game idea, "I Am Bread" sounds terrible, but the execution by the developers is excellent.


- Simple premise.

- Challenging game.

- More content, thanks to add-ons and mods.


- Game mechanics can be confusing at first.

- Less casual gamers may find the title pointless.

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